Rachael Judd

Rachael studied English at the University of Illinois and has worked in the financial services market for ten years. She has used her skills with large companies like State Farm and Deutsche Bank and local businesses like Lyon’s Den Children’s Boutique and Immaculate Imaging.

Rachael is passionate about making things work. She thrives on brainstorming new ideas and watching things go from good to great.

When Rachael is not penning new ideas she is spending time with her husband and son enjoying the beauty that Chicago has to offer.

She looks forward to being part of your team!

What is in it for you?

*10 years of experience
*Cost Savings to your bottom line
*Enhanced company image
*Time to get back to work!

Copywriting and Editing is a vital part of every business. Writing can be time consuming. As a commercial freelance writer it is my job and joy to serve you and your company by putting together the essential copy that you need.

The Freelance Advantage

1. By hiring a writer for a specific job you only use me when you need me. No salaries, benefits, vacation or sick leave to pay!

2. The perfect solution for sporadic business needs!

3. A fresh perspective – new people, new ideas!